Americans Will Not Get Unemployment Benefits In Coronavirus Pandemic!

Americans will not get unemployment benefits in Coronavirus pandemic!

The shocking news is out – it is unlikely that Americans are going to receive unemployment benefits anymore, after next week. This was announced on Wednesday, by Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff.

Mark Meadows said:

“The original unemployment benefits actually paid people to stay home and actually a lot of people got more money staying at home than they would going back to work. So the president has been very clear, our Republican senators have been very clear, we’re not going to extend that provision.”

How are Americans reacting to this?

TY MORG Tweets:

“Let’s see, stay home and get paid, OR go to work and risk contracting a deadly virus and get paid less. Tough choice.”

PhillFoss Tweets:

“That’s more votes he can kiss good-bye.  Who are Trump’s advisors?”

David L Gurbach Tweets:

“These narrow minded and “visionless” people clearly don’t understand American Pride, Competitiveness, and Work Ethic.The Trump “what can I get for nothing”  mind set is NOT shared by a majority of Americans, who want to work. $600 dollars! REALLY?  People are in NEED..Empathy!”

In March 2020, the American government passed a $2.2tn CARES Act, due to which, Americans received an extra $600 per week, added to the basic $200 state benefits they were already getting.

This extra $600 per week will now come to a full stop on July 31, 2020, Friday.

Saying more on why the US President Donald Trump will not extend unemployment…  

Mark Meadows added:

“People were not only getting paid to do nothing, they weren’t interested in going back to work—because they made more money doing nothing.”

In the past 24 hours, 1,400 people have died in America, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the highest single day death toll in America, by the Coronavirus catastrophe, seen in 2 months.

New single day Novel Coronavirus death records have been set by American states like California, North Carolina, Florida and Idaho.

America has been the most badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and around 4,600,000 people are infected and there are about 154,000 deaths in America, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Meadows said:

“This President is going to move aggressively to support and protect American workers as our economy recovers. He did it once. He’ll do it AGAIN.”

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