Americans Distrust What Trump Says About Coronavirus?

Americans distrust what Trump says about Coronavirus?

A new study reveals that, by almost as much as a 2 to 1 margin, the American people do not trust what American President Donald Trump says, with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic which is ripping the United States of America apart.

The study indicates that only 34% of the American people, trust in what the President of America has to say about Coronavirus! What’s more is that 6 out of 10 Americans, do not approve of the way the American President is handling the Coronavirus catastrophe!

Opening Crawl Tweets:

“Who are these 34 out of 100 idiots?”

Jon Wilson Tweets:

“Or, more shockingly, but just as accurately: “A third of Americans prove their heads are wedged firmly up their own asses.”

The big question here is, just how valid is this poll?

Let us examine what a few people are saying regarding this poll.

Old Guy Running Tweets:

“As with most polls when you read the methodology there are always more Democrats than Republicans in the survey. It will always show results against Trump.”

Lovemaui Tweets:

“That is because the media like you shove the anti Trump down dumb people’s throats who don’t have the smarts to look to numerous outlets to consume the news. You all lie so much and are so biased.”

David Foster Tweets:

“polling also consistently stated that Hillary was over 80% ahead in the presidential election.  Your current polls also show JoeBiden leading. You may want to ask you polling company to call some new people.

Arnold Ziffel Tweets:

“Trump is right back down to his magamoron base.  The base he will never lose, no matter how horrible he is, or how bad things get for America.”

Troy Smith Tweets:

“At least he doesn’t have dementia like Biden. That’s a major plus.”

Comfortably Cocooned Tweets:

“After his ouster, Joseph McCarthy still had a 34% approval rating, proving that about a third of people are Fascist.”

Chatrick Clark Tweets:

“Who are these 34%? The authorities should pick them up immediately and have their mental health evaluated. They are clearly a threat to themselves and others. Straight up CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

There are now around 142,100 people dead in America and around 3,770,200 cases, because of Coronavirus.

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