American Rapper Lil Wayne Could Get 10 Years In Jail

American rapper Lil Wayne could get 10 years in jail!

The interpreter of Lollipop, American rapper Lil Wayne, was found in possession of a weapon and ammunition, during a search of a private jet, by the police in Miami, in December 2019. The law in Florida prohibits convicted persons to own weapons.

Awarded five times at the Grammy Awards, American rapper Lil Wayne was displayed a few days before, at the US presidential election, alongside a smiling Donald Trump.

On Friday, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty, to possession of a gun, an offense for which he could get 10 years in prison.

American rapper Lil Wayne, has a home in South Florida. He admitted that the gold-plated pistol which was discovered in his luggage, was his own. It is believed that the gun had been gifted to him for Father’s Day. His sentence will be pronounced on January 28.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, the real name of American rapper Lil Wayne, was convicted over a decade ago, on a separate gun charge.

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