America Burns

America burns!

Hundreds of Oregon homes have been demolished as wildfires escalated, fueled by the strong winds, devastating parts of many communities. Emergency officials stated that over 470,000 acres had been burnt in the fires.

In some areas, the situation is so dire and dangerous that even firefighters are evacuated. Officials continue to demand the removal of more people.

And thousands of people in Northern California must be prepared to leave if they are called – including Oroville and part of the city of Paradise – because one of the biggest fire incidents of the new state is near them, authorities warned Wednesday. Oroville is a town with a population of 20,000 and lies a few miles north of Sacramento. Small communities around the fire were under evacuation orders.

In California, about 20 large pasture fires are now erupting in a year that has already seen 2.5 million hectares burned. That’s a Golden State record for one year and four months live in a fire season

The hot, dry and windy conditions are fueling many wildfires across the US West – including Oregon and Washington – and the weather could only make matters worse. As of Wednesday night, residential areas of more than 10 million people in Washington, Oregon and California were subject to red flags. These warnings warn that conditions that could start or spread fires – strong winds and dry conditions – were near or occurring.  California has fires in the northern part of the state as far as the Mexican border, about 800 miles between the largest fires.

The Creek Fire, which runs through the mountains of the Madera and Fresno districts in the central part of the state, has destroyed at least 360 buildings since the blaze broke out on Friday evening. The fire burned more than 163,000 hectares and could not be contained.

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