America Blasts Trump Over Schools Coronavirus Reopening!

America blasts Trump over schools Coronavirus reopening!

The word is out that schools in America are going to reopen – this in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic that is creating havoc in America – and leaving a trail of deaths and infections – the likes of which are unbelievable – but true!

The man who is responsible for taking this decision to reopen schools in America amidst the death toll that Coronavirus is leaving behind, is none other than the President of America.

US President Donald Trump Tweeted:

“I disagree with @CDCgov on their very tough & expensive guidelines for opening schools. While they want them open, they are asking schools to do very impractical things. I will be meeting with them!!!”

Here is how the people of America are responding to Donald Trump, by way of Tweets:

“You are not qualified to disagree w CDC.   Spending money on making schools safer for children and teachers is a necessary expense. All the presidents  of my lifetime would have had  a safety plan in place by now – and funding without teachers having to plead for it.” – Mia Farrow

“When it comes to listening to the CDC for reopening our schools or listening to the dude who told people the coronavirus would be gone by summer, to take hydroxychloroquine without any evidence it works, and to inject bleach into our blood, I think we should listen to the CDC.”- Eugene Gu, MD

“well let’s see, who should we trust during a pandemic? trained professionals who have spent their entire lives tracking viruses, or the guy who said to inject disinfectants? it’s a conundrum for the ages” – Jeff Tiedrich

“What’s impractical to you #POTUS? short of having each child walk through a decontamination zone being sprayed with disinfectant while having a suit on with purified oxygen in it, I doubt you could convince me what you consider impractical!”- Jason Collins, MPA

America is the country that has been hit the most by the Coronavirus pandemic. Around 140,200 people are dead and there are about 3,618,000 cases in America, because of Coronavirus.

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