Almost 900,000 Coronavirus Cases In Brazil


Almost 900,000 Coronavirus cases in Brazil!

In Brazil nearly 900,000 people are infected and almost 45,000 are dead, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Brazil is now second to the United States of America with regards to Novel Coronavirus, America has almost 2.2 million cases and over 118,000 deaths.

According to the Health Ministry, over the past 24 hours, 20,647 new Coronavirus cases, up from 17,110 – 24 hours back, were registered in Brazil.

In Rio de Janeiro, the second-largest city of Brazil and also the second hardest hit city by Coronavirus, after many months, a number of different kinds of shops were allowed to reopen.

Taking a city-provided Coronavirus test, across the bay from Rio, a resident of Niteroi,

Renato Maya, said:

“First, we have to think of health before everything. Without doubt, we have to think about the economy with hunger and all those things, but COVID-19 is a disease that kills. The reopening to me seems necessary, but it needs to be done quite carefully.”

The mortality rate in Brazil, due to Coronavirus, is now 5%.

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