Almost 7.75 Million Coronavirus Cases Globally

Almost 7.75 million Coronavirus cases globally!

Novel Coronavirus is taking its toll on the world, rapidly. There are now almost 7,750,000 cases and about 430,000 deaths because of Coronavirus.

Brazil now has the second highest number of deaths due to New Coronavirus, after the United States of America. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the health system of Brazil was standing up to the pressure.

Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO’s top emergencies expert said about Brazil:

“The system as such from the data we see is not overwhelmed. The data we have at the moment supports (the vision of) a system under pressure but a system still coping with the number of severe cases.”

The highest number of infections in the world, due to Coronavirus, are from America, which is followed by Brazil, Russia and India.

The highest number of deaths in the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic, is in the United States of America, followed by Brazil, UK and Italy.

WHO said:

“… here’s what we do know: that finding, isolating and testing people with symptoms, and tracing and quarantining their contacts, is the most critical way to stop transmission. Many countries have succeeded in suppressing transmission and controlling the virus doing exactly this. This is a new virus, and we are all learning all the time. Communicating complex science in real time about a new virus is not always easy, but we believe it’s part of our duty to the world. And we can always do better.”

Very interesting to note is that most people who get New Coronavirus, recover. More interestingly, many people who get Coronavirus, do not even notice that they had it! 

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