Almost 600 Amazon Employees Infected Due To Coronavirus

Almost 600 Amazon Employees Infected Due To Coronavirus

In a shocking news report, it has been said that almost 600 Amazon employees were infected due to Coronavirus.

According to a report from an Amazon employee who works in an Amazon warehouse in Indiana, nearly 600 Amazon employees have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus.

And almost 6 Amazon employees have died from the Coronavirus disease.

But according to the report from the Amazon employee, the number is much higher.

Reportedly, the Amazon employee, is tracking the number of Amazon employees who have been tested positive for Coronavirus in different locations, all over America.

The Amazon employee says all of this information was gathered, by connecting with coworkers all over the USA.

It has also been reported that 100s of Amazon employees all over America, are going on strike, because of unsafe work conditions.

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