Alien Invasion In 2020?

Alien invasion in 2020?

Are we now going to see an alien invasion in 2020?

With all that is happening in 2020, it would not be shocking, if there was an alien invasion in 2020. Here is what people are saying about this…


“I won’t be surprise if there’s an ALIEN Invasion this September 2020 We Had Enough”


“Next they’re going to fake an Alien invasion. Sheeple will piss their pants”


“And if there isn’t such an outcry from the public to stop this they will do it in the cities as well and say it’s an alien invasion this is exactly what they’re doing this is practice for their fake Alien Invasion where they Massacre millions of people and set cities on fire.”


“82 years since Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast brought terror and hysteria to the general public…fear of an #alien invasion…and now #UFOs are a reality….what will the public do as they begin to learn about the darker aspects of this phenomenon?”


“Humanity, “2020 can’t get any worse .” The Aliens, “Hold my beer.”


“It can always get worse, just take a look outside your window. Face with tears of joy You don’t even have to go anywhere to see the Earth globe asia-australia World has gone to Hades in a hand basket.”


“I don’t believe they are any more dangerous than we are to ourselves.”


“A potential tornado watch in New York. Not surprised, 2020 just marches on. Perhaps an Alien invasion in the fall?”


“I wouldn’t be surprise if we had alien invasion. 2020 a gwan too bad”


So 2020 is cool and all, you know, pandemic. Interesting stuff but I have a few ideas for 2021. Zombies Aliens The people living in the Earth’s core????  Fairies Atlantis Big Time Rush


“Have UFO sightings increased during the Coronavirus pandemic? And if so, why?”


“And the year isn’t over yet. Whats next?”

So, are we going to see an Alien invasion in 2020?

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