Africa Told To Be Ready For The Worst Of Coronavirus

Africa Told To Be Ready For The Worst Of Coronavirus

Africa told to be ready for the worst of Coronavirus! Yes, all across Africa, governments are being told to get ready to do all that is required of them, to curb the killer Novel Coronavirus from spreading all across the length and breadth of Africa.

But, what do the people of Africa have to say? Here are some views by some of the people of Africa, on Coronavirus:

  • “We do not even have the privilege to get ready for COVID-19, as blood banks run dry and schools are closed and other deaths are happening as we speak. God help us all.” – A resident pediatrician in Africa.
  • “I am not worried if I will die, what I am worried about is: not knowing what to do with a patient.” – An emergency doctor, in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.
  • “We have seen people frantically purchasing items.” – Rose Arunga, supervisor, supermarket in Nairobi.
  • “In Italy, a nurse describes COVID-19 as a war scene and health staff are the frontline. Well, turns out we are the only line in Africa. We are already grappling as a developing country and the sad reality is, the other diseases are not on strike.” – A resident surgeon in Africa.
  • “While some pharmacies have been hiking up prices of masks and sanitizer, there have also been heart-warming stories about some distributing these for free.” – Tagreed Abdin, architect in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.
  • “Uganda has managed Ebola and Marburg, so we have trust in our systems.” – Sabrina Kitaka, Ugandan physician.
  • “As the epidemiology of the disease is changing rapidly, so is our response.” – Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director-General, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.
  • “Some businesses are encouraging people to work from home but we have 18-hour power cuts here. The government has failed to do enough. We also have a water crisis, all these present multiple challenges.” –  Mishek Chirwa, IT consultant in Zimbabwe’s capital.
  • “I am battling the COVID-19 anxiety, as I know what may hit us. I spent a decade in training to be a medical doctor. My family invested not just financially but also human capital to get me where I am today. My parents say that I signed up to heal and save lives, not risk my life in the process.” – A doctor in Africa.

At the time of writing this, April 13, 2020, the number of Novel Coronavirus cases in Africa is 13,814 and the number of deaths in Africa is 747.

And the Coronavirus update on a global level is:

1,675,287 Cases

101,485 Deaths

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