Actor Claude Brasseur Has Passed Away At 84

Actor Claude Brasseur has passed away at 84.

Claude was a star in France. Now the actor has died. Claude Brasseur did not become an actor. He desired to be a journalist. But after he met Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Paris Conservatory, he devoted himself entirely to acting. In the following years he became a star of French films.

The actor won numerous awards in his home country. In 1980 he was awarded the French César Film Prize for his role as Commissioner Jacques Fush, in the socially critical crime thriller “The Police War ”.

Claude Brasseur was born in 1936 as Claude Espinasse, near Paris. His parents were the actor couple Pierre Brasseur and Odette Joyeux. The Frenchman was successful at the theater, until the 1950s. It was only in the following years, that he switched to film and worked with greats such as Godard, Costa-Gavras and François Truffaut.

The mime had his best-known role in Jean-Luc Godard’s “The Outsider Gang”. In the 1964 film, Brasseur played the reckless robber Arthur. Many audiences know him above all, as the father of the young Vic (Sophie Marceau) in “Die Fete” (“La Boum”) and “Die Fete geht weiter”.

Claude Brasseur also received a César in 1976, for his supporting role in the comedy “An elephant is mistaken”. He had his last major role in 2016, in “Breakfast at Monsieur Henri”, by director Ivan Calbérac. In it he played a sullen pensioner, who found the fun of life again through his young tenant.

Claude was an actor for around 60 years. In his career he has appeared in almost 150 films. Now the greatness of French cinema and television has died. Claude Brasseur passed away on Tuesday, December 22, he was 84.

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