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We started this website with the sole purpose of educating, informing, creating awareness and keeping people all over the world alert, as to what is happening all over the globe, with regards to the deadly Coronavirus.

It is with great efforts that we bring these global news events to you, – so that you can read the latest breaking global news and stay alert about what is happening all around, in the world today.

With COVID 19 ravaging our world, life is no longer what it used to be. Millions of people are infected and over half a million people are dead. How many more will die and how many more will be infected? Only time will be able to reveal this.

Novel Coronavirus

But one thing is for sure, we cannot ignore what the Coronavirus pandemic is doing to the world. And we cannot ignore the fact that we need to protect ourselves and our families. We cannot go on living life oblivious to the hard fact that the world around us has changed – drastically!

If we ignore what is happening in the world around us, there can only be one result – disastrous consequences. Not just for the person ignoring things – but also for the family members of that person.

Governments are repeatedly telling people to wear masks, wear gloves, maintain social distancing – but there are so many people who are just ignoring all of this. And the results all over the world are – disaster!

We hope that by creating awareness of what is happening in the world, more and more people will be alerted to what is going on in the world that we now live in – and in this way -lives will be saved.

It is our humble request to all our readers, that you keep reading what we publish – and follow all the rules your government has issued to you, regarding staying safe in this deadly world, infested with Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a pandemic – and millions have been infected – and over half a million people are dead!

With each passing minute, more and more people are getting infected – and more people are dying!

If you have not taken the Novel Coronavirus seriously so far – it is time you did!

Stay tuned to our website, to get the latest updates taking place all over the globe, with regards to Coronavirus.

Stay Safe
The WWBNN.com Team

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