66th Manizales Bullfighting Fair Opens

66th Manizales Bullfighting Fair opens.

The Manizales Bullfighting Fair found a loophole to survive the Coronavirus pandemic and with two afternoons of bullfighting, behind closed doors, it managed to give a bullfighting weekend that started this Sunday and will continue on Monday.

Six bulls from various herds. Tres by Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango (first pardoned, second noble and classy and third devastated). Two from Juan Bernardo Caicedo (fourth, from less to more and fifth bronco) and two from Santa Bárbara (first, lost in the ring and sixth braced).

Castrillón had to face a tough test on the fifth in the afternoon of the Manizales Bullfighting Fair, from a bull that wanted to become master and lord of all lands. The worst came immediately when he was unsuccessful with the sword and the three warnings were heard, rather than a reminder, as punishment.

Unforgettable was the first afternoon of the Manizales Bullfighting Fair, for the Colombian bullfighter Cristóbal Pardo, who cut off three ears.

The programming of the Manizales Bullfighting Fair was based on six Colombian bullfighters and the sum of twelve copies from three herds: Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango, Santa Bárbara and Juan Bernardo Caicedo.

On the opening day of this Sunday of Manizales Bullfighting Fair, disclosed through the social networks of the bullring of that coffee city, the right-handed Cristóbal Pardo took three ears to become the great winner, two of them the result of a pardon to a copy of Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango.

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