500,000 In Coronavirus Lockdown In Anxin, China!

500,000 in Coronavirus lockdown in Anxin, China!

China has now placed half a million people in a New Coronavirus lockdown, close to Beijing, because of new COVID-19 cases being found there.

On Sunday, Chinese Health officials stated that Anxin county, situated in the Hebei province, which is located around 90 miles (150 kilometers) from Beijing, would now be:

“Fully enclosed and controlled”!

In Anxin county, strict instructions have been issued to the people living there. Per household, only one person is permitted to leave the house and go to shop for goods – and that too only once in a day. Only essential workers will have the permission to step out of their homes in Anxin county.

June mid was when the Anxin county Coronavirus disease outbreak was first noticed. This has been traced back to the mammoth wholesale food market – Xinfadi, which supplies a great deal of the fresh produce of the city.

Anxin county non-residents are not going to be permitted to enter villages, communities or buildings. Authorities have issued warnings that people who are caught violating any of the rules that have been issued, are going to be dealt with by the police.

Because of what has happened in Anxin county, there are a number of places in Beijing where travel restrictions have been enforced, a number of other restrictions have been imposed in many places in the place. Schools have been closed here and even the transport that is available is very limited. There is also a huge wave of new testing for Coronavirus cases now being conducted in Beijing.

Prior to the spike seen in Anxin county, there were no New Coronavirus cases found in Beijing, since 57 days.

At the last report, there were around 83,600 cases and about 4,650 deaths in China, due to Coronavirus.

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