4 Million Plus Coronavirus Cases In America

4 million plus Coronavirus cases in America.

US President Donald Trump had said on February 26, 2020:

“We have a total of 15 cases… and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

The United States of America now has over 4 million Novel Coronavirus cases and around 146,600 people are dead in America, because of the killer Coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China, supposedly in late December 2019. In the past 24 hours, there have been around 81,000 New Coronavirus seen in America.

ProfHelen Tweets:

“As 1,000 Americans die in 1-day, US nears 4 million Covid_19 cases

1st coronavirus case was on Jan 21

99 days later, 1 million infected

43 more days to hit 2 million

28 more days to hit 3 million

14 days to hit 4 million

1 million/2 weeks”

People are angry and scared in America and they appear to be venting their anger and frustrations on none other than Donald Trump, the President of America.

What are people saying about how Coronavirus is ravaging America and why? Here’s what is being said:

Terry Blount Tweets:

“Today’s U.S. Covid totals – 71,967 news cases and 1,205 deaths. We now have over 4.1 million cases and 146,000 deaths. Trump has failed us all.”

JW Tweets:

“Tells you everything you need to know about him. Anyone paying attention or even the slightest bit curious about how this virus worked knew the numbers were not going down. He was either willfully lying or willfully ignoring the truth.”

Richard Saunders Tweets:

“Fitting that our derelict President will again be railing at us this afternoon on national television about what a fine job he is doing, on the day we lead the world with 4 million cases of Covid-19. There will be more than 5 million by labor day & other 30,000 deaths or more.”

Austreberto Martinez Tweets:

“What’s derelict?”

Steve Calderaro Tweets:

“Watching cartoons instead. Don’t want to give Trump any ratings points”

The first reported COVID-19 case in America, was on January 21, 2020. Shockingly, 99 days later, 1 million Americans became infected with Coronavirus – and now over 4 million Americans are affected, with the number rising rapidly!

Blunami Tweets with a touch of finality:

“Lucky for us Trump declared wearing masks “patriotic” just yesterday.”

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