4 Million Coronavirus Cases!

4 Million Coronavirus Cases!

Yes, there are now 4 million Coronavirus cases all over the globe.

With each passing moment things are getting scarier and scarier because of the way Novel Coronavirus is taking its deadly toll on people, all over the globe.

Almost 280,000 people are dead all over the globe because of Coronavirus.

There is no cure till now, for this killer Coronavirus disease, which has its origins in Wuhan, China.

To date, the countries that have been hit the most by the New Coronavirus are USA, Spain, Italy, UK, Russia, France, Germany and Brazil. 

The United States of America is the country which has been hit the most by the Coronavirus pandemic and at the time of writing this, there are over 1.3 million cases and almost 80,000 people are dead in USA, because of COVID-19.

How many more people will die all over the world because of Coronavirus?

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