Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA The Terminator Undergoes Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator undergoes heart surgery! The renowned actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, went through one of the most difficult tests of his life and that is that at the age of 73, he underwent heart surgery. But the good news about Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator undergoes heart surgery, is that it […]

What’s With The Mandalorian?

What’s with The Mandalorian?  The first season of Mandalorian accompanied the landing of Disney + and made the event in the Star Wars galaxy. A year later, what remains? The Mandalorian contrasts sharply with this often overbearing trend and not only opts for shorter-than-average chapters (the longest lasts 38 minutes), but doesn’t hesitate to tighten […]

Will There Be More Gorillaz?

Will there be more Gorillaz? In March 2001, in an era that today seems very distant, MP3 and the free circulation of music files was just around the corner, but the big multinational record companies still held the baton to direct the preferences of the mass public. It was just at that pivotal time, before […]

Sonya Evdokimenko Has A New Love

Sonya Evdokimenko has a new love. Recently, Sonya broke up with Frenchman Marco Dumenil, but she was not alone for long. On social networks, the girl has already introduced a new love. 19-year-old Sonia Evdokimenko published a video in which she hugs a man against the backdrop of an autumn landscape. The couple is now […]

The Grand High Witch Anne Hathaway

The Grand High Witch Anne Hathaway! Without a doubt, one of the most iconic characters in The Witches of 1990, was the queen of the coven, played by Oscar winner Anjelica Huston. With the return of the classic film, fans were surprised to learn that Anne Hathaway would be behind the enigmatic character of The […]

Dragon Queen Throws Herself From Plane

Dragon Queen throws herself from plane! Emilia Clarke throws herself from a plane for her 34th birthday: she does not fly “only with dragons”! To celebrate her 34th birthday, the Dragon Queen Emilia Clarke decided to fight her fears by taking a parachute jump. A wonderful experience for the young woman, who shared some photos […]

Heidi Klum Sets Up House In Germany

Heidi Klum sets up house in Germany! Heidi simply knows how to lead fans, paparazzi and media completely by the nose. The top model has just arrived with the whole family in her new adopted city of Berlin and has feasted happily through the German capital. For the 16th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, Heidi […]

Julia Roberts Boots On Sale

Julia Roberts boots on sale! Everyone can have a piece of Hollywood at home, when over 900 iconic items from famous movies will go under the hammer of the auction. Julia Roberts’s famous Pretty Woman boots and the jacket that Brad Pitt wore at Fight Club, are just some of the pieces in the treasured […]

James Bond Film Spends 60 Thousand Euros On Coca-Cola

James Bond film spends 60 thousand Euros on Coca-Cola! The authors of the James Bond film “007: No Time to Die”, shared an interesting fact from the filming. The film crew spent 60 thousand Euros on Coca-Cola, which no one even drank. It turned out that more than 30 thousand liters of the drink were […]

Debut Hollywood Film Of Nikolai Sarkisov

Debut Hollywood film of Nikolai Sarkisov! Nikolai Sarkisov’s debut Hollywood film will be released on November 20. The sports drama “Embattled”, by Sergei Sarkisov, the son of the founder of RESO-Garantia, will be released on November 20. The film will be released in US theaters and will also be available on major digital platforms. The […]