The Scariest Thing About The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The scariest thing about the Coronavirus pandemic? Millions of people have been infected and lacs are dead all over the globe, because of the killer Novel Coronavirus. If that is not scary enough, what is? Perhaps, the scariest part of the Coronavirus pandemic, is best summed up in the words of… Dr. Kohilathas: “What scares […]

So Should The World Ban China And Chinese Goods?

So should the world ban China and Chinese goods? China is not just responsible for releasing the deadly COVID-19 pandemic on the world – which resulted in lacs of people dying and millions being infected – China has also released TikTok – which is nothing but Chinese spyware – and Huawei phones that spy on […]

Is There A Connection Between Ajman Fire And Beirut Explosions?

Is there a connection between Ajman fire and Beirut explosions? Just a couple of days after the blasts in Beirut, now explosions and fires are being seen in Ajman, UAE! A large fire and explosions have been reported in the market of Ajman, UAE. Is there a connection between the explosions and fires in Ajman, […]

Who Is Responsible For Bible Burnings Portland?

Who is responsible for Bible burnings Portland? There is a lot being said by many about Portland Bible burnings. Just what is being said and just who is responsible for the Holy Bible Burnings Portland? Here are some opinions about Bible burnings Portland: Mr Discostu: “Bidens campaign has chosen a strong anti Bible position. It […]

Who Is Accountable For The Beirut Blasts Aug 2020?

Who is accountable for the Beirut blasts Aug 2020? Just who is responsible for the Beirut blasts Aug 2020 which occurred on Aug 4, 2020, in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Just who in the world is responsible for these blasts which were far more horrible than the 2015 Beirut bombings? M Imtiaz Khan: “Its […]

Alien Invasion In 2020?

Alien invasion in 2020? Are we now going to see an alien invasion in 2020? With all that is happening in 2020, it would not be shocking, if there was an alien invasion in 2020. Here is what people are saying about this… Charlotte: “I won’t be surprise if there’s an ALIEN Invasion this September […]

The Mysterious Twin Beirut Blasts Aug 2020

The mysterious twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020 took place on Aug 4, 2020, in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Who is responsible for these blasts, which were worse than the 2015 Tianjin explosions. Is this on the list of Islamist terrorist attacks? John: “The word on the street is that the islamic jihadist group hezbollah […]

So Who’s Burning Bibles In Portland?

So who’s burning Bibles in Portland? It hardly seems likely that true Christians would burn their Holy Book! So, just who is it that is burning Holy Bibles in Portland, USA? Let’s see what people are saying about Portland Bibles burning… Hudson: “You don’t live in Portland and have no clue to the scale and […]

Will Microsoft Buy Tiktok In America?

Will Microsoft buy TikTok in America? Microsoft has said that it has plans to buy TikTok in America and it is going to have discussions about the same, with ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. MJ: “Government Intel supposedly alerted Trump to the access China had to American info through TikTok.  I don’t know all […]

Is Tiktok Chinese Spyware? The Verdict…

Is TikTok Chinese spyware? The verdict… A number of countries have banned TikTok and many more are doing so, following claims being made that TikTok is a spyware of the Chinese government. What are people saying about this?… Papí: “Tiktok is a spyware app; I’ve read the source code. Quit complaining and install triller.” Conna: […]