New Coronavirus Cases In Wuhan Create Fear And Panic

New Coronavirus cases in Wuhan create fear and panic. China reported 51 new Novel Coronavirus cases, most of them from Wuhan. China said that all the new infections were from travelers from overseas. China claimed that out of the 51 new Coronavirus cases, 40 were asymptomatic. A majority of these were in Wuhan, the place […]

In Coronavirus Times, Black Man Killed By Police Officer In America

In Coronavirus times, black man killed by police officer in America! A Black American was killed by a police officer in America. The police officer knelt on the neck of the black man and choked him to death. This has led to widespread rioting and protests, in almost all parts of America. Surveillance cameras and […]

Coronavirus And America Leaving WHO

Coronavirus and America leaving WHO. Donald Trump has said that America will leave WHO, because of how WHO reacted to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak which took place in December 2019. Because of the years and years of the relationship that the United States of America has had with the WHO, the health situation of people […]

The World Seeks Answers From China About Coronavirus

The world seeks answers from China about Coronavirus. At the first meeting of WHO, since the world was hit by the killer Novel Coronavirus, many countries are now asking China about the Coronavirus. Countries want to know more about China’s handling of the deadly COVID-19. China has been accused of concealing vital information about Coronavirus […]

61 Countries Ask For Probe Into Coronavirus Response By WHO

61 countries ask for probe into Coronavirus response by WHO. At the World Health Assembly (WHA), a resolution was moved by 61 countries. In the resolution, the 61 countries asked for an “impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” of the response made by WHO, regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and also with regards to identifying the zoonotic […]

Human Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine Underway

Human trials of Coronavirus vaccine underway. As per reports from the World Health Organization, there are 8 Novel Coronavirus vaccines that are in the human trial phase and there are 110 more Coronavirus vaccines that are in preclinical stages. In late April 2020, Chadox1, the COVID-19 vaccine of Oxford University, entered human trials. Chadox1 is […]

Coronavirus Rips Nigeria

Coronavirus rips Nigeria. All over Kano, Nigeria, the people are frightened. They are wondering what has hit them and what will become of them. Thousands of people of Kano are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. A few days ago, at the main cemetery of Kano, gravediggers used to dig 2 to 3 […]

Wuhan Looking For Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers

Wuhan Looking For Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers

Wuhan looking for asymptomatic Coronavirus carriers. On May 16, 2020, in Wuhan, China, the place where COVID-19 originated, 222,675 tests were carried out. These tests were done to find asymptomatic Coronavirus carriers. Since Wuhan was released from lockdown on April 8, 2020, the first cluster of Novel Coronavirus infections was found in the place, last […]

Coronavirus Has Now Spread To Every Country In Africa

Coronavirus Has Now Spread To Every Country In Africa

Very shocking news is that Coronavirus has now spread to every country in Africa! Scientists are extremely worried about the spread of the killer Novel Coronavirus in Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, announced that the New Coronavirus, has become a “national disaster.” Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa said: “Never before in the […]

In Spite Of Coronavirus, Schools Are Reopening In Some Countries!

In Spite Of Coronavirus, Schools Are Reopening In Some Countries!

Yes, in spite of Coronavirus, schools are reopening in some countries.   When lockdowns are being eased in certain countries, it is being seen that they experience second waves of the killer Novel Coronavirus.   In spite of this, some countries are now opening schools and endangering the lives of kids. Some of these countries […]