20 American States Pause Coronavirus Lockdown Opening

Almost 20 American states pause Coronavirus lockdown opening.

As many as around 20 states in the United States of America, have hit the pause button on reopening after lockdown, after the spike of New Coronavirus cases that has hit America, in the past couple of weeks or so.

The news in America is getting bad with each passing hour. There are more than 10 American states, which are seeing an increase in Coronavirus cases, by as much as 50%. And as compared to last week in America, there are almost 40 states in America, which are seeing a huge spike in the number of Novel Coronavirus cases.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General stated:

“Although many countries have made some progress globally, the pandemic is actually speeding up. We’re all in this together and we’re all in this for the long haul.”

There has been a huge spike in Novel Coronavirus and hospitalizations in Los Angeles. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor said:

“This period will be our second big test to see whether or not we can do the things, all the wisdom we have learned, to collectively apply that and to make sure we do our part to keep people living and to keep livelihoods.”

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading all across America and now, more so in Arizona. So much so that Arizona has shut down gyms, bars and various other types of businesses, for another month.

Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean, Baylor College of Medicine states:

“They’re trying to see if they can do this surgically, meaning just close bars or 50% restaurants and encourage use of masks or in some cases mandate masks and stop short of that full lockdown. What’s the evidence that that will work?”

There are certain places in Florida, which now require people to wear face masks.

Mayor Dan Gelber, Miami Beach, Florida, states:

“There are people who think it’s a political statement to wear a mask, and it’s like an insult to the family and they’re fighting us about it…”

At the time of releasing this, there were around 130,000 deaths and around 2,700,000 cases in the United States of America, because of Coronavirus.

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