130° F Record Death Valley Temperature

130° F record Death Valley temperature!

A Death Valley record temperature was established. Earth might possibly have seen the highest record temperature, since the year 1931. This is one of the top 3 highest earth temperatures ever to have been recorded.

Bob Henson, Meteorologist and journalist said:

”Indeed, if Sunday’s temperature is found to be valid–and assuming Chris Burt’s exhaustive work is correct–then we have a new global heat record on our hands. We’ll have more to say about this at Yale on Monday. It’s quite possible the Death Valley high set a new global heat record. The extreme nature of the surrounding weather pattern makes such a reading plausible, so the case deserves a solid review. There are nagging questions about the validity of even hotter reports from Death Valley in 1913 and Tunisia in 1931. What we can say with high confidence is that, if confirmed, this is the highest temperature observed on Earth in almost a century.”


“Death Valley reached 130 degrees three times in one week in 1913, including 134 and 131. But current global warming propaganda is arguably the highest ever measured.”


“Ah yes, the 1913 “look at some metal expanding in a glass tube which changes depending on the viewing angle” measurement, versus “107-year-later reading from a thermocouple in 2020 whose accuracy is within a tenth of a degree C.”

A record Death Valley temperature of 54.4C – or 129.9F was recorded in Death Valley, California. This was recorded at 3:41pm on Sunday afternoon, August 17, 2020, at Furnace Creek, at the automated weather station, of the National Weather Service, of the United States of America.

NWS Las Vegas stated:

“This observed high temperature is considered preliminary and not yet official. If verified, this will be the hottest temperature officially verified since July of 1913, also at Death Valley.”

Prior to this, the highest earth temperature taken in Death Valley, was at Greenland Ranch, on 10 July 1913 and this was 134F (56.7°C), such has been stated by the World Meteorological Organization.

Prof Randy Cerveny, of Arizona State University said:

“Everything I’ve seen so far indicates that is a legitimate observation.”


“Who did this? Yep: Oil Industry. What say we stop pretending otherwise?”

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