13 Year Old Wonder Woman

13 year old Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens with a young Diana scene in the Amazons kingdom, played by 13-year-old Scottish child actress Lilly Aspell. This is where Diana participates in the Amazons Olympics. As the youngest contestant, Diana shows remarkable ability, toughness, strength not inferior to the adult warrior and leads in most challenges.

13 year old Wonder Woman, Lilly Aspell plays all the scenes that adults find difficult, such as stunts, jumps, archery, fencing … because they cannot find stuntmen.

Lilly’s footage includes stunts like jumping, horseback riding, swordplay – techniques that are not only difficult for children, but also for adults. But the 13-year-old Wonder Woman did it all herself, because the crew couldn’t find a stuntman for Lilly.

In real life, Lilly also loves sports and from a young age, Lilly learned to ride and won several competitions.

Since director Patty Jenkins determined the film would use as little CGI as possible, the action scenes would be played by the actors themselves. Gal Gadot, the main star of the film, is a veteran, so easily catches up. But the surprising thing is that child star Lilly Aspell, 13-year-old Wonder Woman, did it herself.

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