1 Million Coronavirus Infections In USA

1 Million Coronavirus Infections In USA

The shocking and harsh reality is that there are now 1 million Coronavirus infections in USA and almost 60,000 people are dead in America.

America is the country that has been hit the most, by this killer Novel Coronavirus, which broke out in December 2019, in Wuhan, China.

America has lost more people to the deadly Coronavirus, than they did in the Vietnam War. Around 58,000 U.S. troops were killed in the US war with Vietnam.

At a White House news conference, President Donald Trump was asked if any President of the United States of America, deserved to be re-elected after America had lost so many lives, in such a little time, more lives than America lost in the Vietnam War.

President Donald Trump replied: “… I think we’ve made a lot of really good decisions. The big decision was closing the border or doing the ban, people coming in from China.”

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